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Strap, Orange Plastic Strap Protector #11SY37025

Strap, Orange Plastic Strap Protector #11SY37025

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Tie Down Strap Protectors

  • PROTECTS CARGO CORNERS AND STRAPS - Straps do not rub over sharp edges and helps extend the straps life.
  • The ratchet strap tension is carried over a larger area and prevents the cargo from being crushed
  • Keep Straps Tight - Using corner protectors makes shipping loads safer. Straps stay tighter when using plastic guard corners and prevent loads shifting. 
  • USE WIDE OR NARROW STRAPS AND ROPES - Can handle up to 4 Inch - 10 centimeter wide straps.
  • Can be used with straps, ropes and chains
  • Easy to see Bright Orange Color - Hard to Lose - Easily see which are your strap corner protectors from other truckers. The bright color helps you see them in piles of straps and prevent losing them.
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