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Capital Trailer

Electrical, Wireless Remote For PowerPack #KWR-006

Electrical, Wireless Remote For PowerPack #KWR-006

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Model Number:* KWR-006

Bluetooth Wireless Controller for Hydraulic Pumps

Suitable for any KTI Hydraulic system on trailers manufactured after January 2015.

Wireless Range Up to 30 feet (9 meters) without obstructions.

Requires battery (23A 12V, included)

Automatic Shut-off after 5 minutes of idle time to conserve battery life

Kit includes:

(1) Main Transmitter
(1) Main Receiver Unit
(2) Detachable antenna
(1) Installation Manual

*Key Features:*

- Easy installation and setup with KTI Hydraulic systems.

- Enhanced control over hydraulic circuits wirelessly.

- Ideal for dump trailers, hydraulic hoists, and other applications.

- Ensure your KTI hydraulic system is compatible with the KWR-006  model before purchase.




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